At Server, we take pleasure in detailed review and analysis of at least the top domains on the Internet. Currently we are analysing over 1 million domains. Working on such mammoth (several terabytes!) amount of data gave us some interesting revelations - some of which are shared below. But we still believe that ours is a young research, which will expand and mature as we achieve our target of tracking a billion websites on the net.

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Some Interesting Observations:

  • 30% of Internet is duplicate - they have either exact content or slightly modified content.

  • 20% of Internet users are from United States.

  • Asia is showing the greatest percentage growth of Internet traffic. It also has the largest Internet netizens currently.

  • Highest Internet Penetration is in Australia where it is as much as 50%.

  • 25% of live websites serve adult content.


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Recent Website Reviews - review - By maxblu on 13-Jul-2011

One day I thought I open a small restaurant, and I thought to look on the net for equipment that I need. So I discovered site that helped me to find what I needed to complete the small restaurant. I want to thank William for patience proved. Equipment were delivered to me quickly and at a lower price. - Retailmart fraud - By Manish on 13-Jul-2011

I joined Retailmart some 3 months back with INR 25000 plan. I paid INR 15000 for that plan. From Retailmart side Nishant started working with me. That time your executives promised me:

Promises Actual
1. Providing state of the art dynamic website within a week It took 15 days to get website with pending work.

2. Providing publicity by sending SMSs and e-mails Not yet done.

3. Adding google ad-sense Not yet done. I have provided google account details

4. Adding 3 references under me and giving INR 11000 back within 1 month Not yet done. Nishant told me some 1 month back that he has added
references already and I will be getting money soon

5. Adding 2 more references in next 2 months and giving INR 4000 back Not yet done

Nishant called me and told me on 9/10 June to switch plan INR 120000. I refused for that and he asked me to just meet once. We met on 12 June in Gurgaon. He explained me the plan and offered me a deal. He asked me to put only INR 42000. Deal was remaining amount Nishant will put as cash around INR 42000. He will add references and get me a cheque of around INR 60000. From this amount he will take INR 3000 and remaining amount INR 57000 I will keep. This will be done in first week. He will keep adding references and he will take amount till he has got his full INR 42000. After this point the amount will be shared between us. That day I was not able to make payment due to problem with credit card.

Nishant called me on Monday and Tuesday for same and told him that I am not getting faith in this. He told me not to worry about. On Wednesday he told me to give credit card to Gaurav Bhatnagar and in return take credit card of Gaurav. Gaurav met on Wednesday and we exchanged our credit card. On Thursday he used the credit card for INR 42000 (One more thing I get to know from bank that he tried to swipe it 2 times each for INR 42000).

After that day I am daily calling Nishant at-least 200 times but he is not picking up my phone. It has been 2 weeks he is not picking up my phone. He onlt picked 2-3 times and then he told that by 30th June I will get the amount back in any case. I even asked him to give my credit card back and get the slip signed but he didn't turned up.

I am even loosing faith in Retailmart day by day. - Worst Promotion Ever - By cory armstead on 13-Jul-2011

I saw this service on a google search not to long ago. I wanted to use their site to promote my youtube videos. I payed but never received what I payed for which was 5000 youtube views. I went on to contact them about what was going on but never got a answer from anyone on the issue. I went on to try and contact them through their online tech support but they are never online. Its only on the site for looks. I will NEVER use this site again for promo and neither should you. I am currently disputing the claim trying to get my money back. - fast high efficiency - By Allen wang on 12-Jul-2011 has a fast high efficiency service. A good choice - Good website - By Allen on 12-Jul-2011

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this is a awesomd website to play games & i m habbituale to use them luv u - Love and hate - By Sharyn Melton on 11-Jul-2011

I think that walking on shapeups is like walking on marshmallows. BUT after wearing them for 6 months (three pair) when I walk the shoe throws my ankle inward.
What can be done??? I have invested 200-300 dollars on these and expect much more. - review - By appa shiraskar on 11-Jul-2011

error in installing some

every time quick heal is preparing a new update a message was sent telling that there is a problem in quarterian instalation and a recommendation to send a report to - Google-Nut - By Savithri S. on 11-Jul-2011

Intelligent children in our families will be given a nick-name 'CASHEW-NUT" ,similarly I want to describe Google as GOOGLE-NUT for it answers almost all the questions asked from the remotest(!) topics of this universe, simply superb technology indeed.